About Aloevella

Natural, Beautiful, Aloe Vera, these three concepts are synonymous at AloeVella. We have traveled the world, doing our homework each step of the way, to bring you the most exquisite products nature has to offer for AloeVella brand products.

Who is AloeVella?

AloeVella brand products are a division of Ojas Enterprises, LLC, who manufactures and sells the products to individual customers and Independent Sales Representatives.

The headquarters for Ojas Enterprises, LLC is in Newburgh, New York. We have warehouse locations in Newburgh, NY, and in South Portland, ME. Our quality assurance is located in our New York office. Our manufacturing locations are worldwide. Ojas Enterprises, LLC employs a worldwide network of employees and partners to bring our customers some of the best things nature has to offer.

Since 1978, Ojas Enterprises, LLC has been developing and manufacturing organic and natural beauty products all over the world. We have a strong connection to the United States and Canada. We have released the AloeVella Brand products solely for sale in the United States and Canada. We believe that our friends, family and local neighbors deserve the best of what the world has to offer in the way of natural beauty products.

Why use Aloe Vera?

Since the 1st century (C.E), the Aloe Vera plant, from the subfamily of Asphodeloideae, has been a used material to create cosmetics and alternative medicine. We are following the traditions that some parents, grandparents, and some distant forbearers’ called a “miracle plant”. In some scientific studies, like the ones performed by national universities and research labs around the world, researchers found that those forbearers might have been on to something. Currently, there are scientific studies still going on, and we have not heard the results. However, we do know from the research (Oliver Grundmann, September 2012), Aloe Vera does help with certain skin or hair concerns

We, as a company, wanted to include a product line that offers natural and organic materials that have the potential to offer our customers a better result. We also did not want to use harsh man-made chemicals to achieve any results. We stand by our product line. To prove this, we offer a 30-day guarantee, that if our customers are not satisfied, we will take back the item and issue all due refunds to the customer.


Oliver Grundmann, B. (September 2012). Aloe Vera Gel Research Review. Natural Medicine Journal, Vol 4 Issue 9.