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The Healing Properties of Aloe Vera Gel

Natural. Beautiful. Aloe Vera. These three words are synonymous at Aloe Vella. We've traveled the world, doing our homework each step of the way, to bring you the most exquisite products nature has to offer with ingredients to help you achieve and maintain beautiful skin and hair.

All of our unique formulas contain at least 90% Aloe Vera. There's a reason for that. Out of all the natural ingredients we've encountered, none offer the healing, nourishing, and rejuvenating properties that this "miracle plant" gives to you.

There are over 420 species of the aloe plant. Aloe Vera refers to the Aloe barbadensis Miller plant, the type of aloe used in the Aloe Vera based products that you buy. The clear gel that is found inside the leaf has been used for centuries to treat wounds, hydrate the skin, and relieve pain and itching associated with rashes, burns, and bug bites.

Aloe Vera is chock full of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, as well as anti-inflammatory agents. This gives it properties that cannot be beat by any other natural ingredient out there. Trust us, if there was anything out there more effective than Aloe Vera, we wouldn't hesitate to bottle it and bring it straight to you.

The most common use for Aloe Vera is one you've probably known about since you were a child. It's an excellent remedy to soothe sunburns. The gel inside the leaf lifts the heat away from your skin to relieve pain, then moisturizes to help you heal faster.

For your hair, Aloe Vera can help clear up dandruff, reduce hair loss, and condition hair from the root to tip. There are a lot of commercial shampoo manufacturers who claim to have the best products on the market today, but the most effective ones you'll find contain high concentrations of Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera deeply moisturizes your hair and replaces the natural oils that chemicals and styling strip away.

Aloe Vera is a completely natural and effective solution if you want to achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy skin and hair. Every Aloe Vella product that you'll find contains over 90% organic Aloe Vera as well as other natural ingredients. What's more, our unique formulations contain the highest concentrations of this miracle plant that you'll find anywhere on the market today. You'll see an almost immediate improvement once you try our products, and you'll most likely find yourself never wanting to use anything but our Aloe Vera-based products ever again.

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Aloe Vella's products are certified natural. Containers are 100% recyclable.